Power Lock Anchors
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1.    How long does it take to install?

30 minutes

2.    What is the best water depth to use it?

0-15 ft

3.    How deep can it be used?

Standard unit comes with 9ft of poles so with that from 0-6ft.  With the purchase of extra 6 ft extension poles you can increase anchoring depth in 6 ft increments.

4.    Can you move boat with poles in unit?

Yes.  The advantage to this product is just raise pole & lock device to keep in upright position while moving.  Use extreme caution & make sure there are no overhead power lines or obstructions.

5.    How strong is locking device?

Lock is rated for 2,000 lbs.

6.    What is the Life Hook / Light Holder?

Life hook is for helping retrieve someone overboard & for low light & night use to hang light on lantern on to keep out of way in boat.

7.    Will poles float if dropped overboard?

Yes, for a short period of time.  They are equipped with drain holes to allow anchoring system to work properly.

8.    What is the Transducer Saver?

It allows you to raise and lower the transducer while backing boat off or loading on trailer.  Also if you run aground in shallow water it will raise and lower at slow speeds.

9.    How do you adjust the height of the Transducer Saver?

1st set close when attaching to boat
2nd Length of unit is a standard height so when you attach to boat as you need extra adjustments simply drill a ¼ hole through pipe and set clamp supplied.

10.    What kind of boat can standard anchoring unit be used on?

Attachment plate is 5” x 10” tall.  Unit will bolt to most aluminum boats with no alterations.

11.    Where do you mount unit to boat?

It is made to attach to transom of boat.  We make them to attach anywhere or to any type of boat.  For any other mounts, please call to discuss in order to get dimensions & locations.

12.    How high above boat does mount stand?


13.    Does anchoring system work in choppy conditions?

Yes, exceptionally well.  Without locking pole down, boat is allowed to raise and lower in waves.

14.    How well does it work in windy conditions?

As with standard anchors, boat will hold but will turn with wind.  We suggest buying a second custom unit mounted to the bow or preferred customer location (as mentioned in #11, call to discuss dimensions and location).